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Art raised around the world.

In my life, and equally in my artwork, I embrace various disciplines and use diverse languages. I’ve learnt to love borders, differences, conflicts, and changes.

I’ve put myself at the front line, I keep on raising myself and so my art around the world.

The artwork is created through a process-oriented journey. It is not so much for the aesthetics of the body as for the emotional connections that flow from it.

The work I do on my body and its profound reverberating experiences bring me to express myself through creating alive and wearable sculptures whereby each piece is a new birth. an act of love. an encounter. a discovery. a total surprise.

These become natural actions of growth that have brought me into close relationships with the world’s aspects and the desire to share these experiences of the new bodies as communication.

My alive and wearable sculptures become the ideal extension of myself, a pulsing body, material and spiritual at the same time. They change every time I wear them. They have the power to be reborn in any place, in any situation, and at any time.

I keep on “dressing” my body with new lives, and so I give birth to alive and wearable sculptures.

It is my idea that my wearable sculptures can have another life, beyond me.

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Artist BIO

EMI BICI is an Italian

Textile Artist & Creativity Coach.

Raised around the world, based in Berlin.

Has obtained a MA degree with honours at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano (NABA) in Milan, Italy.

EMI BICI has exhibited both nationally and internationally and has had solo exhibitions at Spazio Metamorphosis and NABA, both in Milan, Italy. 

Has been selected at various collective exhibitions and Arts Festivals: The Triennale Museum in Milan (IT); Miart - Milan (IT); MACEF - Milan (IT); Ama Foreste - Milan Design Week (IT); Il Compass in Latta - Milan Design Week (IT); Passagen | Interior Design Week Köln (D); Spazio FLOS - Milan (IT); Studi Aperti in Ameno (IT); Amandolarte in Milan (IT), in Paris (FR), and in Hamburg (DE); Group Art Exhibition at the Pall Mall Art Gallery, London (UK); Alchimia’s Drawings at the Korea Foundation Cultural Center, Seoul (KR).

EMI BICI is a former Resident Artist at the ARE in Holland.