Bici my father’s surname

Bacia my mother’s surname

BiciBacia seems to be my destiny

BiciBacia is your own dress / is the goal of your own expression 

BiciBacia wants you to

make your own dress

BiciBacia wants you to decide how

to dress your body 

BiciBacia wants your dress to be 

an intimate route/diary

With BiciBacia the body becomes a whole tool of communication, a visual transmitter

BiciBacia is a love journey / it recreates the image of the world

BiciBacia is a wandering bicycle that 

passes the borders 

BiciBacia is reliable, a promise 

of a friendly welcome 

BiciBacia is a crossing of distant ideas, a mix of biographical experiences

With BiciBacia the dress is its

interaction with the world.

BiciBacia is the project of life / an act 

of collective denunciation 

BiciBacia listens, welcomes, observes and is at your service 

BiciBacia is in action for sharing

the joint effort 

BiciBacia believes in the bursting

force of the group

BiciBacia is the seed of manual literacy  

BiciBacia is the elegance of knowing what the human can do in

contrast to the messy dilettantism

of the do-it-yourself  

BiciBacia is everyone being different from each other (and happy) in opposition to the being all the same (and sad) 

BiciBacia because among the 5 fingers 

of the hand none is the same!